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Saturated flights: RTC says it is running out of options

Saturated flights: RTC says it is running out of options

While the Quebec government waits to make a decision on Quebec City’s transit restructuring project, the Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC) says it doesn’t have many options available to significantly improve its busiest roads. : 800 and 801.

Fall 2023 data shows that on Routes 800 and 801, maximum passenger capacity is reached during morning peak hours. according to RTCAdding departure flights on these routes would lead to congestion between buses, as the time interval between each of them is short, creating what the organization calls Bus train.

Bus train near Parliament Hill.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Olivia Laperrière-Roy

Across the entire network, including buses, Express and Métrobus, passenger numbers in September 2023 were back at 88% of what they were in October 2019. RTC It expected an 84% recovery in 2023, which exceeds expectations. The spokesperson points out that the recovery is more pronounced for metrobuses than for express buses.

Even if ridership doesn’t quite return to pre-pandemic levels, it’s only a matter of time before we find ourselves in the same saturation situation as we were in 2019 and perhaps even when we “get past it.” Moreover, the RTC It is considered that the situation before the epidemic was not ideal.

Already next year, we believe we can reach 90% of passengers“, specifies Luke Samson, Head of Planning Services at RTC.

The network expects an 11% increase in trips to the city center by 2041. The organization stresses that the RTC will not have the capacity to accommodate these new trips.

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Yes, in the meantime, we will take action, but there will be no substantive improvements without moving toward a more capable situationLuke Samson says.

A few optimization options

In the city, STM has implemented measures to improve the speed and efficiency of its bus routes. For example, boarding is permitted through all hinged vehicle doors at certain stations, and users queue at the stops.