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Samsung is already talking about One UI 6 (Android 14) to fix a major flaw in its smartphones

Samsung is already talking about One UI 6 (Android 14) to fix a major flaw in its smartphones

A manager at Samsung is already talking about the development of One UI 6, the main interface that will be based on Android 14. In particular, it shows its desire to offer seamless updates (“Seamless Updates”) with this future release.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra // Source: Anthony Winner – Frandroid

While that OneUI 5 interface (Android 13Still in beta (it is not officially accessible in France), Samsung is already talking about a very interesting potential novelty of One UI 6 that will be based on Android 14.

In fact, the group organized SDC, its annual dedicated developer meeting (Samsung Developer Conference). on the sidelines of the event, Android salad Was able to speak with Sally Jeong, VP at Samsung in charge of One UI experience. Opportunity to mention the few concerns raised by smart phones From the mark when it is necessary to install an update.

Samsung lags behind in ‘seamless updates’

As a reminder, for several years, google pay job”Seamless Updates» Which can be translated as “transparent updates”. In other words, thanks to this device, you can continue to use your smartphone while the update is being installed. Once done, all it takes is a quick and simple reboot and you are done. No need to mess around until everything settles down.

Since then, many manufacturers have played the game and do not block the use of the smartphone during the update. but, Samsung is known to be late in this issue. on me Single User Interface 4 (Android 12), for example, you still had to leave your phone in the corner untouched for a few minutes while it was being upgraded.

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One UI 6: A bright hope

However, Google is now forcing the hand of manufacturers By asking them to adopt an A/B تقسيم split system For all new smartphones running natively on Android 13. This is a key element of “seamless updates”. While using partition A, the update takes place on partition B, and after a reboot, the updated partition B is running.

In other words, The future Samsung Galaxy S23 It will be eligible for the A/B partition scheme and thus, potentially, transparent updates. Unfortunately, this is not yet certain. It is also unknown whether existing devices that will be updated to One UI 5 will be eligible for it as well.

According to Sally Jeong, we should wait a little longer. The manager explains that her team is working on the possibility of offering the popular “seamless updates” and hopes it will happen with One UI 6 (Android 14). In other words, we have good reason to hope that updates at Samsung will go more smoothly within a year. In the meantime, it’s not impossible for smartphones coming out directly from One UI 5 to take advantage of this novelty, but unfortunately Sally Jeong hasn’t hinted at it.

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