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Rick Touchette breaks down his players

Rick Touchette breaks down his players

The series brings out the best in some and the worst in other players.

In the category of those who do not deliver the goods, we can name several players from the Vancouver Canucks, who lost their game last night to the Oilers.

The series is tied 2-2.


And if you say that several Canucks players (including Elias Pettersson) did not attend, this is not just a personal opinion: this is what Rick Tocchet said, trainer He said of the Canucks.

It couldn't be clearer.

We need five or six men to get going. -Rick Touchette

He later added that he didn't necessarily know if all the players knew we were currently in the playoffs, which is still an intense quote, and we agree with that.

But sometimes you just need what you need…and Touchet is there to do his job. That's what he did last night.

In fact, when we look at it, coaches were talked about yesterday.

This is the case in the Canada match (we can say that The Oilers pilot made headlines by not going with Stuart Skinner…which was the right decision), but in the East game, the coaches stole the show, too.

Obviously we all saw Jim Montgomery's “diving” pass during the game, but we must also not forget that Paul Morris, in Florida, also raised the tone with his pass. children.

It's not always the home way, but he did it.

His reaction to all this? He wasn't necessarily too angry, but he felt his players needed to shake things up a bit and needed some “bad words” in their lives.

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He also added that he doesn't excel at many things in life, but he is good at doing what he just did.

When we look at it, Toschet indirectly drew attention away from Peterson (who could have been Driving From my first text in the morning without comments from the coach) and his other players. Same for Morris Who excels at not putting his players in the spotlight for nothing.

Montgomery knows his club needs to turn things around in several ways.

In all three cases, the coaches took on the burden of getting people to talk about them publicly. That's why players are running away from it in front of the cameras at the moment.

It will be up to those who have to stand up to do so. The coaches won't be able to save children Forever or…

a lot of

– What are you saying?

– Jake Allen's legacy with the Canadiens is important. [98.5 FM]

– The Quebec Bruins pilot is right.

– Will Brad Marchand's neck be okay in the next game?

– Oh.

– In reality.

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