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Saint Julian's.  It's Science Day at the Claude Bernard Museum

Saint Julian’s. It’s Science Day at the Claude Bernard Museum

On the occasion of the Fête de la science, the Claude-Bernard Museum is organizing free activities without registration, according to a press release from the museum.

> Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October, 2-6 p.m., Experimental Bar. Move your mind. The Claude Bernard Museum invites you to experiment with science while having fun. The challenges and scientific presentations will allow young and old alike to understand some of the key scientific principles: density, capillaries, strength, oxidation… all ages.

> Friday October 8 at 5 pm Exhibition “Rocks and Lands of Saint Julian and Pictures of Local Plants”. 6 p.m. Conference “Explaining the Earth through its Geology: Plassey and Saint-Julien”, by Bruno Roussel. Saint-Julien and Blacé is distinguished by its characteristic limestones in ocher hues but also has more secret geological resources such as sandstones, sands, clays, ores, granites, crystals … The result is that these mineral riches adjoin an exceptionally long and complex geological history, which has led to the adaptation of the landscape and human occupation. for this land. Through this fascinating history, the country of Saint-Julien and Placé has become a veritable land of “Geopatrimony” who fully participate in its historical, social and cultural identity. Followed by a tasting of Saint Julian’s wine. grown ups.

414 Rue Musée 69640 Saint-Julien. Phone: 04 74 67 51 44. Partners: Geopark of Beaujolais, Cultural Association of Saint-Julien, Town Hall of Saint-Julien. Hygienic measures: health permit from the age of 12, wearing a mask is mandatory, physical distancing from respect, infer communication.