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The company "Le Plus Petit Espace Possible" will be located in Gabriac

The company “Le Plus Petit Espace Possible” will be located in Gabriac

“Le Plus Petit Espace Possible” will present its show “Sautez, Dansez, Embrassez who you want” on Saturday 2 October, at 9 pm, at the Gabriac Village Hall.

A used ball with a beating heart, rare music, managed with flair, grace and delicacy. Feathers, sweat and frozen drinks sound in leaves and numbers and that’s unexpected!

Jump, dance, cuddle all you want is a show of dance and engagement with her orchestra, choreographer and sensation instigator. During the party, a series of events take place, in which you will be an actor and partner, by becoming an ambassador (Dress) for the show! During the evening, ambassadors (darts), who are sensitized before the dances, are instructed by the choreographer. On the track, they gradually invite the audience to join them, imparting, in turn, the dances they have learned. The atmosphere is festive, the steps are inspired by the so-called ballroom dances, Latin dances, but will be played firmly in today’s world with more offbeat and humorous gestures, borrowing movements from music, jazz, animation, but also a sign of language.

This show for all audiences is part of the municipal community’s cultural programme.

Prices: 10 euros for adults; €5 for children under 12 years old.

Information and reservations on: 05 65 48 33 90 or [email protected] Facebook: “3CLT” – Instagram: cc_comtal_lot_truyere

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