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Saint Jean.  Espace Palumbo mural designed by Esther Tristan

Saint Jean. Espace Palumbo mural designed by Esther Tristan

This is the artist Esther Tristan, an artist from Toulouse, passionate with a vibrant heart, who has always let her soul express itself through drawing, photography and music.

After a stint in the advertising world, she followed her creative instincts in the 2000s and, with the encouragement of her alter-ego friend Psy (a songwriter and collaborator), ventured into music and interior design, particularly in the world of sports and in particular. Football.

“For me, Palumbo is more than just a theater: it is a place imbued with emotions, encounters and unforgettable memories.

I had my first concerts there with my group Esther Tristan, then The Greencheries, Bastille, 99 Reasons and many other charity events, in collaboration with the cultural director Jean-Claude Bordenave, who later became our friend and manager. We have lived together “The Bikini”, “Halle de L'Union”, “Caravan Sérail”, “La Coline Festival” in Pichbonneau, “Les Quais de la Daurade” and “La Prairie des Filters” in Toulouse and many more. From other regional scenes. They say there's no such thing as chance, I believe it! As part of the renovation of the Mayor of Saint-Jean, my recent collaboration with Bruno Leclerc to create the mural for Espace Palumbo in Saint-Jean marks a special moment.

Modern graphic style

Having been freely consulted on my creativity, while respecting the cultural theme and name of the room, I am honored and especially proud to have caught the attention of elected officials. In a modern, simple and dynamic graphic style, I sought to represent life, cultural diversity and transition, highlighting the architecture and environment of the town hall site.

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This artistic adventure, which I shared with three wonderful women (Say, Martush, and Anne-Laure) who accompanied me in this creation, is for me more than just a simple project. It is a deeply human experience, where every stroke of pencil and every brushstroke was a dance with memories and hopes.

The fresco, now an integral part of Saint-Jean, is also a tribute to the memory of our friend Jean-Claude Bordenave, an ode to contemplation, interpretation and escape for all those who will have the opportunity to discover it, anyway. I hope so!” says Esther Tristan.