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Gel nail polish can cause allergic reactions that prevent surgery

Dermatologists warn that the popular gel nail polish can cause acne An increase in the number of people who are allergic “that change lives” and can to prevent certain operations. Experts claim that the chemicals in gel nail polish are Methacrylates, can creep into the skin and cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms of such a reaction include: Separation of the nails from the nail bed and the appearance of a severe rash around the nails.

“Symptoms can vary from person to person and person to person, from loose and falling nails to severe rashes on the face, neck and upper chest,” says Dr Deirdre Buckley, Consultant Dermatologist in Bath.

In some cases, people may have Difficulty breathing or worsening of their asthma. Even worse, they can become sensitive to acrylates in other productswhich may have repercussions dentistry, diabetes or orthopedics, and he Awareness …

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