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SAAQclic’s New IT Failures

SAAQclic’s New IT Failures

The SAAQclic platform experienced new IT failures on Monday, becoming inaccessible across the province for several hours. The Quebec auto insurance company attributed the situation to “maintenance work” that was supposed to be completed during the night from Sunday to Monday.

At dawn, around 7 a.m., an automated message warned the user that SAAQ was “currently improving its services” and that the platform would be back “soon.” Therefore, no service associated with the platform was available online, and according to our information, the outage also affected some personal services.

The company also specified on its website that “additional delays” can be expected at the service point and on the phone, and recommended users without an appointment not to come to the branch.

The technical issues were finally resolved in the mid-afternoon, just before 2 p.m., but as the power outage continued for several hours, “an increase in traffic is expected, which may cause additional delays to some service points,” the group’s spokesperson warned. , Gino. Desrosiers, via email.

He promised that “in the coming days and depending on the situation, working hours at service points will be extended to compensate for the delay resulting from maintenance work,” explaining that the Bureau will reschedule “a good number of appointments that were scheduled for October 16, all as soon as possible.” maybe.

Quebec did not want to comment on the matter, but the Liberal opposition did not hesitate. “What has been the cost of Eric Kjaer’s failure so far? When studying the credits we learned that the costs have already reached 2.6 million. Today, after 6 months, SAAQclic’s failures are accumulating week after week at the same rate as dollars are fleeing,” insisted Michelle Setlakwe, critic of cyber and digital security.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Press Archive

Michelle Setlakwe, cyber and digital security critic

There is no effect on the data

Earlier, the company confirmed that the service outage “will not have any impact on customer files” and the data they contain. She said, “The delays associated with maintenance work scheduled for Sunday night into Monday extended beyond the planned period, which led to the interruption of some services,” refusing to provide further details about the reason for this new outage.

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However, some services continued during the outage, such as practical tests, recognition of driving experience and the exchange of licenses at service points. In the call centres, we can always access general information, compensation services or road marshal assistance if necessary.

However, these new IT difficulties arise just over a month after an independent report concluded that SAAQ had “underestimated” the workload and impact of its digital transformation in February, which caused long queues and a major digital failure, forcing the company to… The government has to control. In the future, the organization is called upon to manage “change management” better.

The report, led by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), was also clear on the fact that “incomplete and reactive management of authentication issues […] “It was known by the SAAQ and the Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs in June 2022,” something that Minister Eric Kjaer has refused to confirm in recent months. His office refused to respond to our questions about this matter.

Despite the many problems that remain, SAAQ confirms that “today we have seen, in the vast majority of the company’s service points, a return to normality since August 10.” The company said last month that most of the issues had been “resolved.”

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  • 458 million
    The design contract for the new SAAQclic platform has been signed with LGS Alliance Consulting Group and SAP Canada Inc. SAAQ claims to have mainly worked with the LGS Alliance to “design, develop and deploy the digital transformation”, just as it has trained staff. The total cost of the contract amounted to $458.4 million, including the digital transformation of activities that were put into effect in 2019 at the level of human and financial resources.