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Maintenance work on SAAQ services has ceased

Maintenance work on SAAQ services has ceased

Some SAAQ services were paralyzed by prolonged “maintenance work” on Monday morning.

“Maintenance work takes a long time and may affect the availability of services online and at service points,” we read on the SAAQ home page. Services will be resumed as soon as possible. Additional delays are expected at the service point and on the phone. Avoid going to the service point if you do not have an appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

A SAAQ spokesperson stated that maintenance work initially planned for the night from Sunday to Monday extended beyond the planned period.

Furthermore, since services will not be available on Monday, Quebecers are encouraged to use SAAQClic.

He added: “In the coming days and depending on the situation, the working hours of service points will be extended to compensate for the delay resulting from maintenance work. “We will be rescheduling several meetings that were scheduled for October 16, all as soon as possible.”

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