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Two deaths and 1,416 cases in one week -

Two deaths and 1,416 cases in one week –

“The dengue fever epidemic is increasing.”According to the authorities, which announced Thursday, April 22, the death of two patients. In one week, 1,416 new cases of dengue were identified.

“The dengue fever epidemic continues to progress in the region”,We announce the Reunion Prefecture and the Regional Health Agency in a press release on Thursday, April 22nd. Confirmed cases, emergency room visits and weekly hospitalizations: all indicators continue to increase.

Two deaths

The authorities denounce the deaths directly related to dengue fever in two patients.

From April 5-11, 1,416 cases of dengue were confirmed, up from 994 last week. Cases are spread over 23 municipalities, most of them in the west (74% of cases) and increasing in the south and north. Since January 1, there have been 6,188 confirmed cases of dengue fever, 224 hospitalizations, 694 emergency department visits and two deaths.

Affected municipalities

Sporadic cases have been reported in all municipalities of the island with the exception of Plaine des Palmistes.

  • West: Le Port, Saint-Paul, La Possession, Saint-Leu, Trois-Bassins
  • South: Saint Joseph, Saint-Pierre, Le Tambon, Petit-El, Saint-Louis, Les Aveyron, Entre Docks, Silos, Itang Saly, Saint Philip
  • North: Saint-Denis, Saint Mary, Saint Susan
  • East: Brass Bannon, Saint Benoit, Saint Andre, Saint Rose and Slazy

Grouping cases by neighborhood

In addition, case clusters have been identified in the following municipalities (regions):

Western Region

Port (Cité Parny, Manes, Satec, SIDR Basse, SIDR Haute, Ariste Bolon, Exhaustion, Saint Ange d’Oxile, Old town, Say, Swimming pool, Magellan, Zac1, Orée du Bois, ZUP 1, Coeur bleeding Haut, Coeur Bleeding Bas, Petite Pointe, Rivière des Galets, ZAC Rivière des Galets)

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La Possession (Moulin Jolie, Halti La, Von de Back, Riviere de Gallet, Saint Therese, Cape Noire, Pechet, La Palmeraie, Beauf Mort, Ville, Camp Maglouire, Raven a.Malher, Le Vignette Huetim)

• Saint Paul (La Plaine, Jacot, Bauderre, Gare Rotiere, La Bay, Belmine, Les Canute, Le Bois de Neveles, Saint Soucy, Le Guillaume, Plateau Caillou, Florimon, Viel, La Saline, La Grande Fontaine, Tour de Roch , Mont Roquefeuil, Trou d’eau, La Saline les Bains, Lotissement Bellevue, Fleurimont, Lotissement Gayette, L’Ermitage les Hauts)

Trois Passins (Bois de Novelles, Monvert)

Sud region

Le Tampon (Sarda Garriga, Champcourt, Bel-Air)

L’Etang Salé (Etang Salé les Bains)

Saint Joseph (Les Jacques, Le Bouture, Bois Noire, Le Guayev, Langevin)

Saint-Pierre (Bois Noirs, Condé, Grand Bois, Basse Terre, La Cafrine)

Petite Ile (La ravine du Pont)

The northern area

• Saint-Denis (Brittany (lower part), Saint-Clotilde, Le Choudron, Saint Jacques, La Montagne, and Le Golf)

Saint Mary (La Grande Montée, La Ravine des Chèvres)

East region

Le Piton Sainte-Rose


In this period of rain, favorable for the development of mosquitoes, the prefecture and ARS remind us of the importance of eliminating the breeding sites in and around their home. In order to limit the spread of the epidemic and prevent dangerous forms of the disease, it is also necessary to consult a doctor as soon as symptoms appear and to protect yourself from mosquito bites (repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, etc.).

You should also continue to protect yourself, even if you have contracted dengue fever in the past. Several dengue serotypes can spread and do not protect infection with one serotype from an attack by another serotype.

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