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To avoid food poisoning, here are 9 foods that are incompatible with plastic

To avoid food poisoning, here are 9 foods that are incompatible with plastic

Here is a list of foods that are incompatible with plastic that may cause them food poisoning.

1– the meat

Meat cooked in a plastic container will degrade more quickly, then a change in taste and texture will occur. But it is also not recommended to come into contact with meat when it is raw: contact with plastic will accelerate the aging of the meat.

2 – eggs

It is advised to avoid contact of the egg with plastic in all its forms. Hard-boiled, scrambled, or fried eggs should never be stored in plastic. This is also the case for all egg-based foods, such as mayonnaise, due to the risk of contamination with salmonella or E. coli bacteria.

3- raw vegetables

Be careful not to put Fresh cut vegetables in a plastic box : It can soften and wither more quickly. They will then lose much of their nutritional value.

4 – Soups (and all hot dishes)

If you’ve made soup and there’s little left, don’t pour it into a plastic container right away. Wait until it cools down, otherwise its texture and taste will change upon direct contact with plastic. The same applies to all hot dishes, sauce dishes, etc.

To preserve your food, plastic bins can be practical. But beware, not all foods mix well with plastic.

5- Cheese

Close the cheese in a plastic box, and the cheese will release water, which will eventually build up and encourage mold formation. Many bacteria can contaminate cheese. To avoid indigestion, it is better to leave the cheese in its original package or in a glass case.

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6- smoked salmon

Smoked salmon, stored in a plastic case, may turn brown and thus lose its freshness. To keep it longer, prefer a glass jar or wrap smoked salmon fillets in aluminum foil.

7 – green salad

You have leftover power and you don’t want to get rid of it. Do not keep it in a plastic case. All the freshness and crunch of the salad will disappear automatically. Even more so in the case of dressing or vinaigrette: the nutritional quality of the salad and its taste decreases when it is in the dressing.

8 – fruits

Like raw vegetables, cut fruit does not store well in plastic containers. It is best to keep it in a basket at room temperature. When locked in, they will shrivel and lose taste, but above all else All vitamins.

9- Yogurt

If you make your own yogurt, it is Recommended to keep in small packages Glass or ceramic to reduce the spread of bacteria. Likewise, if you want to transfer the remainder of the fromage blanc pot to a smaller pot: temperature changes can be dangerous.

Poisoning risks can lead to many diseases, but it is very important to take measures to avoid them. This amounts to complying with the above instructions.

Source: Top Health