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Rosalie Bonenfant reveals her unique passion that's surprising

Rosalie Bonenfant reveals her unique passion that's surprising

If some have more common interests such as cooking, drawing, embroidery or music, Rosalie Bonenfant was surprised to reveal her most amazing passion.

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To the podcast Social lifewhich we can see in the biographical film Gilles Villeneuve He opened up to listeners about a part of his life that few know: his passion for taxidermy!

“I kind of am George Brassard“We become,” she joked, referring to the late entomologist and founder of the Montreal Insectarium.

And this isn't a recent fad, because if we're to trust her group, she's been raising money at home for a while… and the list is pretty impressive!

“I have over 50 types! […] I have a lot of insects, like butterflies, beetles and plants in frames, but I also have hidden species, like fungi (fish that blow up) and bats. “I have snakes, turtles, octopuses, smiling rays and alligators,” she said, adding that by living in a loft, you can see them from almost everywhere in the open area.

She explains that this is a passion that can quickly become expensive, but she finds great finds on the Marketplace platform, because some people selling don't know the true value of the items.

Playfully, she explains that her imposing ensemble is the reason some of her friends refuse to go to her house… including her co-host Two men of goldJean-Philippe Wautier!

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Jean-Philippe Wauthier, anonymously, who says: “I would like to come and have a drink, but I am waiting for you to put a lid on it.”

Watch the full interview with Rosalie Bonenfant on the Social Life Podcast:

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Somewhat unusual!

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