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Ronaldo hits a woman in the face but forgives the right way

Ronaldo hits a woman in the face but forgives the right way

Getting the chance to meet the handsome Ronaldo should be the dream of many women and men on the planet, but maybe not in this way…

We don’t know if we should laugh or worry, but during the warm-up against Young Boys in Bern (by the way, we advise you to type the full team name into your Google search), Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo hit a security guard in the head with his thunderous bullet. We still wonder how she got up after the shock!

Like a true gentleman, he did not hesitate for a second to jump over the barrier separating him from the lady in order to extend her hand to her. This moment was captured by the many aficionados in attendance and we let you witness this crazy scene, all accompanied by Chris Martin’s sweet voice.

He seemed to genuinely care about the lady.

Despite his team’s defeat, Cristiano still forgives him by presenting the security guard in question one of his playing shirts. Maybe full of sweat and traces of grass, but we’re not saying no. Of course it’s the same smell, it’s Ronaldo.

Except for the fact that Ronaldo’s gesture is perfect, it all made us laugh because this photo is excellent.

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