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Simon Boisvert sees Kaiden Guhle as fourth in the NHL

Simon Boisvert sees Kaiden Guhle as fourth in the NHL

Today was the start of the Canadian Junior Championships. These are the medical checks today and tomorrow the optimistic youth will jump on the ice.

Simon Boisvert talking to the show’s hosts Sports in the morning Canadian hopes. Here’s what he had to say about defenders in the Canadian row.

According to him, Kaiden Guhle should make the NHL and should be a defender who plays in the top four in the Montreal defence. He sees a good ski stroke and makes good exits to the area. According to him, he also makes good passes first. He also found him good on defense. He doesn’t see him as a defender going to score 50 or 60 points. Instead, he sees him with a man holding the disc.

In my opinion, I find the similarity with Shea Weber surprising. He is a calm, collected defender and rarely makes bad decisions. He may be less powerful than the CH captain, but he’s very good in other aspects of his game, so first pass and positioning on the ice. He is likely to play for the Canadian team in the World Under-20 Championship and be a prime candidate to be the captain of the team.

Another player who is talking a lot these days is Matthias Norländer.

(credit: youtube)

According to Boisvert, Mattias Norlinder would not be a successful NHL player. He doesn’t see how this player can defend in the National Hockey League. He found him a little lost on the ice rink. He doesn’t find him strong on his skates in fact, he doesn’t see any potential for this player in the NHL. He thinks Gianni Verbrother is more likely to make the NHL than Matthias Norländer.

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I find it too early to judge. We have to see what he does on the rink in North America before we can judge whether he will do well or not. What I want in his condition is that he is not in a bad position for his development. He may have to return to play another season in Europe before seeing his full potential.

a lot of

– Nice picture with his kids!

– It’s already been 46 years!

Big game tonight in Orlando.

An important victory for the Blues Jays.

– She’s proud and she should be.