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Robbery stuck in chimney rescued by firefighters

Robbery stuck in chimney rescued by firefighters

A completely botched robbery ended in a rescue operation, in Silver Spring, United States, according to various US media reports.

On the night of January 8 to 9, a thief tried to break into a dwelling through the chimney. However, he got stuck in the tube and the firefighters had to rescue him.

The family was at home at the time of the events. It was the father who alerted the emergency services when he heard the thief praying in the fireplace.

At about 3 am, Ibrar Khan woke up to various sounds, including voices resembling the sound of someone banging on a wall. So the father of the family toured the house, but did not discover anything abnormal.

However, voices can still be heard, so Mr. Khan decided to call the police who showed up at the scene to search the house, but they left because they found nothing.

Then, while he was alone in the living room, Ibrar Khan heard a sound coming from the fireplace. The robber recited various prayers while screaming in pain.

So the father called the authorities and it was the police officer who finally looked inside the chimney and discovered the trapped thief.

Dozens of firefighters had to be called to try to flush out the thief. They simply had to tear down the chimney for several meters to save the intruder. He was rescued around 7 am. He was taken to hospital for treatment of the wounds.