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Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias: Long live the return of 'Crazy Life'

Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias: Long live the return of ‘Crazy Life’

This concert, initially planned for 2020, was postponed for a year and would have been possible again, had it not been for the decision of the Legault government Allow the full capacity of the performance venues and yards without social distancing – but with a mask on – from Friday.

And the amateurs were just waiting for it…

Almost full house

Of the 10,000 tickets sold for a year, as of last week, that number rose to 12,500 on Friday morning and finally rose to 14,885, a bid far from the 15,000-seat cap available with the selected configuration.

With spectators storming the ticket booths late, passport-checking tents outside and the main queue that seemed to never end, the surroundings of the Bell Center had everything from the proverbial beehive an hour before Ricky Martin entered the stage. .

Once we walked into the Bell Center, had it not been for face masks, we would have thought we would have been before the pandemic: crowded hallways and queues for toilets. But all this was accompanied by a fever and a certain loss of direction, as if the spectators were in a preparatory camp. Like the Montreal Canadiens, after all.

Three giant screens at the back of the stage, two platforms, a central staircase and a platform leading to the middle of the ice rink made us understand that…no, tonight, we won’t be attending a live Facebook concert from the living room. It’s over, that’s it.

symbolic Levin La Vida Luca

At 8:08 p.m., when the lights went out, we heard a bang of about 15,000 sounds unlike what we had heard 19 months ago. Clamour immediately followed by guitar line and loud announcement Levin La Vida Luca. Can we imagine a more symbolic song to celebrate this comeback? Crazy life is back…a fact. in the last.

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While Ricky Martin and ten musicians, singers, dancers and dancers took up all the space on stage, we could see people jumping and dancing and heard them screaming through their masks. Even the singer backed off New York NS Montreal in the song. Total.

There was a real outlet in this jubilant spectacle. The following applause reminded me of how much I forgot the noise a crowd of 15,000 people could make. We were only at the beginning.

except Nobody wants to be alone, a hypothetical duel with Christina Aguilera appearing on screen behind him, Martin rarely took his foot off the gas pedal for more than an hour, with his world-class successes (Hey bangs, shake the bun bun, the wolf) with subtitles in English or Spanish.

We just came out of two very special years. It’s time to close a cycle and forge a new pathMartin, who addressed the crowd in French, English and Spanish, noted. I intend to leave my soul on this stage tonight.

And he didn’t lie. Blazing brass, thundering drums, and Argentine bola: Sometimes, I told myself this concert would have been relevant to a jazz festival because the instruments far exceeded Latin-flavored pop. Martin wore great clothes, as did his entire team. Attention to detail is reminiscent of beautiful magazines in Las Vegas.

Martin is clearly happy to be out there like onlookers and in exceptional condition at the dawn of his fifties in December, Martin raised the decibel by repeatedly asking if we wanted more. Of course! This question is you…

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sequence La Mordedita Based on Maria It was the double blow of this sequence that made the eardrums vibrate. When finished with life cup, the theme song of the 1998 FIFA World Cup France won, there was nothing else to add.

Enrique and his choirs

Enrique Iglesias often plays more North American than Latin card.

Photo: evenko / Patrick Beaudry

Arriving less than half an hour later, Enrique Iglesias maintained the prevailing party spirit, but in a somewhat different way. If Martin remains very close to an audio envelope with Latin scents in his repertoire, Iglesias sometimes gives the impression that he is a madriliani hoping that his songs will become a hit on the English charts.

This was especially true for the opening trio (I’m a stranger, I chase the sun, I love how you feelDevilishly effective. During the last time, the morning electro-pop made me feel like we were at the El Sonic Festival.

Health rules update: After Ricky Martin’s first three songs, eight out of ten spectators in the row behind me were wearing the mask properly, one under their noses and one on their necks.

An hour and a half later, after the first three songs of Enrique Iglesias, nine of these spectators had no masks left at all. As in, not even in the neck… We’ll have to think about a shooting correction next Saturday night when the Canadians draw 21,000 spectators into the arena.

Also surrounded by a group of competent instrumentalists and dancers, Iglesias often plays more North American than Latin card. Where Martin embraces his Puerto Rican heritage and seems to step out of the LGBT fashion show, Iglesias can be the friendly pizza delivery guy in his hat, shirt, and pants (maybe overpriced, I agree).

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But he was struck, the son of Julio. During Palamos, be with you And hero, the latter during the adventures of the rappel, the audience sang her songs, and turned the bell center into a huge choir. There was also an intimate moment with double on stage at the other end of the ice rink, a sort of bivouac where Iglesias lowers the temperature, but by getting close to the spectators.

concluding trio (Bardon, dance, like) It led to scenes of communication between the artist and the audience, all decorated with fiery elements, smoke, flamethrowers, and balloons, falling from the sky, with the initials of Enrique Iglesias.

Although I preferred Martin’s concert as a whole, Iglesias was not left out during this double program which was exactly what everyone needed. Because it was more than two dynamic and festive shows.

It was a prom that looked like salvation.