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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: wrestler, actor, and ... rapper

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: wrestler, actor, and … rapper

We knew he was talented, but actor Dwayne Johnson surprised more than one when he teamed up with rapper Tech N9ne for his new song.

On Friday, the former wrestler-turned-Hollywood star took to Twitter to share a video of him singing a clip of “Face Off” from Tech N9ne’s new album “ASIN9NE.”

“I made my rap debut (fortunately I wasn’t spoiled), can we read in the post description. Many thanks to all hip-hop and music fans for your great comments.”

It didn’t take netizens much longer to literally order an album from “The Rock.”

In a press release, Tech N9ne stated that the idea came from Dwayne Johnson.

“I was talking to Dwayne and he said ‘Man, I want this to be quick’ and I said ‘Okay, let’s go! “

“You get to know him as soon as you hear him perform with Joey Cole and King Ezo. You have four stars in the song. It’s my history.”

In the same document, Dwayne Johnson claims to be an old friend of the rapper and praises his artistic qualities.

“It sings about important things: ambition, determination, passion, pain, a little depression and hope, and a lot about putting your shoulder to the wheel to get things done,” the actor said.

Johnson also said he was “honored” to be able to debut on Tech N9ne’s album Tech N9ne.

“I got up and put some gasoline on the already huge tech fire.”

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