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Reverend Mukendi made false statements

Reverend Mukendi made false statements

Accused of filing false tax returns, Reverend Paul Mukendi pleaded guilty Wednesday morning and was sentenced to pay a fine of at least $150,000.

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Following an investigation by Revenu Quebec investigators, a self-proclaimed “messenger” has accused Quebec City of committing these acts.

“The investigation showed that the cash rate in Mr Mukendi’s accounts was significantly higher than the expenditures he declared and that his pace of life was higher than the income he declared,” summed up succinctly the attorney acting on behalf of Revenu Québec.

taxable income

The attorney general added, “He also collected on several occasions during the period under investigation sums from his professional activities, and these collections, by repeating them over time, constituted taxable income in relation to his activities.”

This admission of guilt by the churchman came as a result of a “universal agreement” between the parties obtained after several facilitation meetings.

Although, initially, Revenu Québec brought charges against Center évangélique Parole de Vie and the press secretary to the Reverend, Marie-Yves Lepage, on Wednesday, the Prosecutor asked the judge to pronounce sentencing proceedings against the Center and Ms.

On appeal for sexual assault charges

Over the next five days, Mukendi has pledged to deposit $25,000 and will have to clear the remainder of the fine over the next 24 months.

last november, Newspaper He revealed that after he went bankrupt and saw his house being taken over, the pastor moved into a luxury residence in Cap Rouge that his wife bought for $625,000.

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It should also be noted that although he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a minor and sentenced to eight years in prison, Mukendi was released after he asked the appeals court to consider the verdict.