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Rest for Marc Hervieu and his wife, Caroline

Rest for Marc Hervieu and his wife, Caroline

Sad news for Marc Hervieux, who just announced that his relationship with his partner, Caroline, is over.

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On Wednesday morning, the tenor revealed, on his professional Facebook account, that the couple had decided to end their relationship, which had lasted for more than 25 years. However, from what we understand from the short message published by the singer, everything has been done in a harmonious manner and the former lovers are still on very good terms.

Read his message here:

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“It is with great respect that Caroline and I have decided to put an end to our life as a married couple. You will still see us together at premieres, at events, besides not hesitating to invite us to the same parties, we love to party! We are lucky to be able to live this moment in harmony, ”we can that we read.

Remember that no later than last week, in an interview on our pages, the owner of the Café des Bons Vivants, in Sainte-Adèle, told us that wedding plans had been postponed.

“I was supposed to get married, that was in the plans before the pandemic, but my girlfriend, Caroline, tore her Achilles tendon, so we had to do it again. Then the pandemic hit and we finally didn’t get married, and there, the momentum was spent a little bit. But with three kids , I think our union is very close,” he said to us.

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Marc and Caroline are the parents of three young women: Loiane, Cloé and Maxime.

Despite the fact that the relationship seemed to end well, we know that breaking up is never easy. So we send a lot of sweetness to Marc Hervieux and Caroline.