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Chris Confronts Latest Tip: “I wanted to see why it was so much trouble answering”

Chris Confronts Latest Tip: “I wanted to see why it was so much trouble answering”

The last tribal council It was to say the least about Chris who was very confident when he showed up on the scene for the finale.

I was prepared in the sense that I told myself I would remain authentic, loyal, and honest. But, deep down, I probably should have trained myself to be ready to answer every possible question I was going to ask. He tells us first.

Add : ” I’m watching koh lanta [émission française qui s’apparente à Survivor] And on Koh Lanta, the jury’s questions at the end were less direct. Throughout the adventure I remained myself, and even if, in person, I sometimes had less good in my heart because I was bored, I was always watching others, so I saw the jury that evening more ruthless – I felt as before the headmaster – It affected me. […] It made me strange to see them differently than they did during the adventure. She grabbed me like a piece of meat when I let go. It sure is in Survivor US, but I’m not “bilingual,” so I didn’t watch US programming much, but in my telling, it was a lot warmer. »

Combined with the jury’s attitude, Chris slowed down at the start, which greatly affected his confidence. “ My leaving speech was that I wanted to stay true to myself and talked about my family, as I always did at camp, and was told not to. [parler de mes proches]. I love talking about my core family so much that if you deny me that when you leave, it puts me down. »

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He adds: I wanted to see me when I got caught because that’s why I was morally broken, I was exhausted, I was more fragile than before. I wanted to see why you had such a hard time answering. […] There was less room for my madness, for the person I am now. »

Remember, the production unveiled a new and very touching moment during the last board Chris participated in. Watch it here.