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Julie Snyder is back on TV with a very promising project!

Julie Snyder is back on TV with a very promising project!

Julie Snyder She continues to put together projects, as an animator and producer, for many years.

The one who just finished a new chapter in her career The week of July 4th Taking a break With that we’ve been promised great projects to come and it looks like the wait won’t be long.

Good news for fans, since one of her secret new projects has already been revealed and you’ll be happy to know that Jolie will be back with her old beau in 2023-2024.

Actually, after bankingyou’re going to be at the helm of a game show, again, either titled knowledge game againstEvery second counts… It is expected to be very entertaining!

It is an adaptation of dividera television project that originated in Britain and has been recreated in several other countries.

In each episode, four strangers must team up to unanimously answer general knowledge questions. the problem? The more time a team takes to confer with each other in order to come to a decision, the lower their cash prize pool will be. At the end of each episode, the participants must also divide the accumulated money into three not entirely equal parts, and again, they must agree unanimously! To achieve this, they will have to show a very great power of persuasion, because every wasted second can change everything, “the production reveals to us.

Jolie also admits to going back soon because she fell in love with this formula!

“I’m in a period of my life where I don’t like to waste my time, at work or in life, so I don’t waste a second before accepting animations for every second account,” confirmed Julie Snyder. I admire this social game where popular culture and quick decision-making power meet. I love Culture with a capital C but also culture of entertainment. This is the scope that we will bring to life at CHAQUE SESECONDE COMPTE. I invite people to register now, I can’t wait to meet you on this new stage and play with the audience, “reveals a visibly happy Julie!

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Are you as excited as we are?

To participate, you can register now on Noovo!