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Reserve squad prisoner Cole Caufield trusts the Canadians' plan

Reserve squad prisoner Cole Caufield trusts the Canadians’ plan

Since arriving in Canada, Cole Caufield has not played many matches. CH Hope played twice for Laval Rocket (in Toronto) before being called up by the Canadian to his reserve team.

Then you know as I do what happened: Carrie Price was injured and added the Rocket Games to his schedule, leaving Cole Caufield trapped in Taxi Squad From CH in the West. He cannot play anywhere.

Do you like him Probably not, not. But will he let it appear? The answer is no.

Cofield, who has called a press conference to discuss his situation, said he trusts the plan that the House of Representatives has laid out for him. It follows him and does what he must do.

Take the chance to Absorbs air To train with the big club, which is his goal.

After all, even if he didn’t have the opportunity to play games, he could still train at the NHL level. He also feels comfortable at that level, which indicates it would have been helpful (after all) to bring him into town. It’s not perfect, but you have to live with it.

We can really see that Caufield has an imprint on others. After all, in training, talent goes out of his ears.

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Watch his trick in today’s practice. We can clearly see that he’s gaining confidence because not everyone would dare to go this way.

But that does not change the fact that Caufield has been caught in the ranks of the Canadian reserve team. He cannot play and cannot return to the missile unless there is a change, such as a major injury.

I can’t wait to go back to Montreal to give him some time to play.

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