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Republican inauguration  Trump wants to win by “intimidating” the Republican Party, Nikki Haley accuses

Republican inauguration Trump wants to win by “intimidating” the Republican Party, Nikki Haley accuses

(Washington) – Donald Trump wants to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination by “intimidating” his party, his only rival, Nikki Haley, announced Sunday, accusing the leaders of the Republican apparatus of wanting to nominate him too early.

The candidate decided to remain in the race after her defeat in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. This is despite Donald Trump’s insistence, with the support of party leaders, that he wants to declare the race over in his favor.

Nikki Haley said on the program: “He cannot impose himself through intimidation for the nomination” as the Republican Party’s nominee in the November elections, against outgoing President Joe Biden. Meet the press On NBC.

“You can't do it after only two terms,” of the 50 that must decide, added the former US ambassador to the United Nations – appointed at the time by Donald Trump – and former governor of South Carolina.

Nikki Haley criticized the National Party Committee, which organizes the Republican primaries, for showing early support for the former President of the United States, the front-runner after his two victories.

When the results were announced Tuesday in New Hampshire, party leader Ronna McDaniel emphasized that voters' choice was “very clear.”

Photography by Shannon Stapleton, Reuters

Nikki Haley

She added: “We have to figure out who our candidate will be, which is Donald Trump.”

Nikki Haley asserted: “I don’t think this is the position the Republican National Committee should take… Trump went too far when he pushed them to do this.”

The candidate suggested that she intends to remain in the race at least until “Super Tuesday” on March 5, a crucial meeting in which voters in 16 US states and territories will decide. The next Republican primary election is scheduled to be held on February 24 in South Carolina.

Here again the polls show Nikki Haley suffering a major defeat, but for the former governor, defeat in her state will not take her out of the race. She said she simply had to do better than she did in New Hampshire, where she lost by 11 points.

She also refuted her desire to remain in the race in the hope that the 77-year-old Donald Trump's numerous legal problems or his health will open the way for him.

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