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A ski trip turns into a nightmare: they're stuck all night in a gondola

A ski trip turns into a nightmare: they're stuck all night in a gondola

She was stuck for 15 hours in a gondola at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe, California, screaming for help until she lost her voice before being found the next morning when the resort opened.

When Monica Lasso planned a ski trip with her friends, she never thought she'd spend a night in the cold waiting to be released from a gondola, but that's what she experienced last Thursday at Heavenly Station.

Just before 5pm, the woman told a staff member she felt too tired to complete her descent, and was directed to the gondola. However, it stopped after two minutes, leaving Monica Lasso alone and trapped, local news channel KCRA reported.

“I didn't have a phone or a light or anything,” she said in Spanish, adding that she screamed every time she saw an employee downstairs, but no one heard her.

She indicated that she found the time long because of the cold. To combat the cold, she rubbed her hands and feet.

Getty Images via AFP

The woman was finally found Friday morning when the gondola started running again.

The South Lake Tahoe Fire Department was called to the scene to evaluate and treat Monica Lasso.

According to Fire Department spokesperson Kim George, this is the first time firefighters have had to respond to a situation like this in 20 years.

Heavenly Ski Resort said in a statement sent to KCRA that it has opened an investigation to understand what happened.