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He booked 58 flights without spending a dime

He booked 58 flights without spending a dime

A lawyer is locked in a legal battle with an Australian airline after exploiting a loophole in a promotion for a free flight home offered by the company.

Tyrone Barough initially booked a flight from Auckland to Sydney for $171 and received a free return fare as part of the promotion. He then canceled the outbound flight and received the Jetstar credit as a refund, and the free flight remained on the reservation.

The man used the credit to book another flight before repeating the process 57 times.

according to New York PostTyrone Barog indicated that he did not intend to use all 58 flights.

The lawyer brought the case to the New Zealand court. He confirms that he is entitled to recover taxes due on flights. The amount amounts to approximately $4,000.

Tyrone Barugh wants to reach an amicable agreement with Jetstar so that the company can change its practices.

In an interview in man denounced Jetstar's behavior.

“They have terms and conditions designed to avoid and limit their liability to their customers, and they are happy to remove them when it suits them,” Tyrone Barog said.

A Jetstar spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

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