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Remparts reach four aces

Remparts reach four aces

Rimouski | Before leaving for Rimouski, Patrick Roy stated that he hoped one of his two guards would force his hand. Yesterday, William Russo took a step in that direction as his brilliance allowed Remparts to reach the semi-finals thanks to their 5-2 victory over Rimouski Océanic in Game 4 of the quarter-finals.

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Russo was particularly brilliant in the first period dominated by Osianek who had no intention of seeing his season come to an end. Despite everything, the Red Devils were able to retire to the locker room by only 1 to 0, after a beautiful goal from William Dumoulin.

Patrick Roy stated that it was unusual. He was the reason we were able to stay in this match in the first period. I don’t remember the last time we were given ten scoring chances in the first half. »

“I relied on my positioning in the first period and kept it simple,” Russo added. I put myself in front of the disc as much as possible and did not give any feedback. You have dominated the game. »

That confidence, Russo believes, comes, among other things, from the fact that he also played match number three on Thursday.

The disputed confrontation between Maël St-Denis and Mikaël Huchette.

Alexandre Dastos’s photo

The disputed confrontation between Maël St-Denis and Mikaël Huchette.

“I am a goalkeeper who loves consistency. I played yesterday, and today at first I saw the disc. It was like a beach ball.”


Again, the match was tighter than the indicated score. After a tough first period, the Remparts hit fast at the start of the second – from 36And Second – thanks to James Malatesta.

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“We really had a normal first period, Theo Rochet admitted. After that period we talked. We didn’t want to hit number five, so we came out strong in the second and from there we had Pushing force. »

Patrick Roy was one of those who spoke in the locker room.

Rimparts goalkeeper William Russo successfully tackled this sequence in the first half.

Alexandre Dastos’s photo

Rimparts goalkeeper William Russo successfully tackled this sequence in the first half.

“A lot of times Larry Robinson would come into the locker room when we were playing in Boston and he would say if we could weather the storm and only track one goal, we could have the match.”

After Malatesta’s goal, Veligami Margala gave Remparts the lead before the end of the second half, then Louis Crever hit Oceanic after just 15 seconds in the third inning a lead that made Quebec 3-1.

“These are sequential goals. These are never big results and every goal is painful. At the start of the period, it can calm the crowd a little bit because it’s so noisy here,” Crever admitted.

Equipment problem

Théo Rochette arrived on the bench at the Remparts a few minutes into the match, hurting who knows where. The latter, like Patrick Roy, left the mystery hanging on the meeting.

“A problem with the equipment,” Rochet said with a smile.

This was confirmed by Roy sarcastically.

“He had a skating problem. Skating is always more difficult.”

One thing is for sure, Rochette, her “skate problem” and her streak were not as dominant as usual against Rimouski. Which does not worry Roy excessively.

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“I am confident that they will be the ones to make the difference in the next series, and that is what needs to be seen,” he said.

The Remparts will meet Shawinigan Cataractes in the semi-finals. The series will start next Wednesday at the Videotron Center.