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Reddit has been hacked, hackers threaten to leak 80GB of data

Reddit has been hacked, hackers threaten to leak 80GB of data

Reddit was the victim of a hack this past February. The group responsible for this attack is demanding a large ransom and a revocation of free access to the site’s API.

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Reddit, the website that ranked The tenth most visited website In the world a few weeks ago, in turmoil. After announcing the killing of third-party apps that allow users to browse the platform ad-free at the beginning of June, the platform claims to have been targeted with an attack this past February. Hackers had stolen At least 80 GB of data and demanding a large ransom in exchange for a promise to erase the information in their possession.

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BlackCat, the group responsible for this intrusion, achieved its ends by using a Phishing technique for employees company. according to sleeping computer, allegedly allowing them to hack “Reddit’s systems and steal internal documents, source code, employee data, and limited data about the company’s advertisers.” However, according to the site’s administrators, ” No user password, account or credit card information She wasn’t affected.”

Cybercriminals steal Reddit data and demand $4.5 million ransom

Black Cat is not on his first try. In 2022 alone, it is said to have carried out 215 such attacks. In his list we can count the campaign against Elden Ring in March 2022 or against Bandai Namco a few months later. They also do not hesitate to attack health institutions, and threaten to reveal patients’ personal data.

In addition to demanding a $4.5 million ransom, they are also demanding that Reddit reverse the decision to charge a fee for accessing the site’s API. They suspect that the company will not comply with their demands and announce in a letter to the press: “We are convinced of this Reddit will not pay for his data. We are preparing to release the data.”

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