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How to create a bookmark on iPhone or iPad?

How to create a bookmark on iPhone or iPad?

Do you like a particular web page? Here's how to access it very quickly on your iPhone or iPad.

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On both iPhone and iPad, it's possible to create a bookmark or shortcut to a web page. This bookmark will be placed on the home screen and thus it will be possible to access the respective page directly. Here are the steps to follow.

Download a web page from Safari

It is first necessary to load the desired web page from the Safari browser.

Share the page

Click on the “Share” icon. A menu appears on the screen. Scroll through the options until you see “On Home Screen.” Select it. You can change the shortcut text if you want. Finally, select “Add”.

Shortcut test

The web page icon appears on the home page, and as you can see it is a custom icon. All that's left is to test if this bookmark (shortcut) works as expected.

You can also move the bookmark to the desired panel on the home screen by holding your finger on the corresponding icon until “-” appears, then moving it to the desired panel.

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