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Rank 5 fans discover a very interesting paradox

Rank 5 fans discover a very interesting paradox

Fans 5th place They are very loyal and considerate, which sometimes allows them to spot some comedic flaws.

Over the past two weeks, viewers have seen Reginald’s character’s beard grow like crazy.

Since there is very little time between the events that are filmed each week in 5th placeThis sudden appearance of facial hair tickled many people who mentioned it on social media.

Watch the sudden transformation in the gallery below the article.

Did you notice that?

There are several reasons that can explain this change in the appearance of the actor. Perhaps it was in another production that required a special look. Also, sometimes there is a lot of time between firing two different shooting blocks, which can justify sudden transitions when episodes are shown in succession.

I remember a new character could totally crack her viewers 5th place last week. meet him here.

Watch the photos from the end of the fourth season of the series herewhere the favorite character will return.

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