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Martin Deschamps hides broccoli in grilled cheese while evoking the successes of Hubert Lenoir at ADISQ

Martin Deschamps hides broccoli in grilled cheese while evoking the successes of Hubert Lenoir at ADISQ

Legendary rock singer Lanaudière Martin Deschamps had a lot to say, on Monday, the day after the 44th ADISQ concert.

In a Facebook post that can be described as sweet and savory, bittersweet, or sweet and sour (choose the spice of your choice), Deschamps gave his impressions of the evening devoted to Hubert Lenoir.

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Indeed, in his message, a singer Peace, reggae, love He used a technique as old as the world to know the lower part of his thought: He hid the blame between two praises.

Let’s read this wonderful post.

“Congratulations to ADISQ for giving us a colorful show! Special mention to Bruno Pelletier and Mario Belchat, great singers! I also really appreciate Hubert Lenoir’s speech on opening up to musical and artistic modernity! Great energy and originality!”

Right from the start, Deschamps announced that he enjoyed the party. He also threw flowers at the male actors who wowed the show with a number as they performed their greatest hits. He also congratulates Lenoir on his acceptance speech…but not necessarily on his performance.

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“On the other hand (maybe because I’m getting old, hahaha) I find we don’t have enough new vocal singers to stick our teeth (or rather in our ears) these days! Where is the new Jeanette Reno, Los Duvolt or Tina Turner and Freddie Mercury or the new Bagliaro? “Come on, not only the weird costumes and bad makeup, I encourage you to sing loud and clear!”

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Deschamps was right when he said there were a few “vocal” singers of the new generation who were able to take advantage of Sunday night’s Gala de l’ADISQ show. But isn’t the section on “Weird Fashion and Bad Makeup” advice for Lenoir? Unless this is a point in ADISQ, who would prefer (according to our interpretation of what Deschamps is trying to say) to highlight artists who are more distinguished by their “paint” than by their voice?

hard to say…

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The main interest concludes his text by writing: “Respect” all artists who face life in music! Hello!”

very Peace, reggae, love to conclude! We expected nothing less from the famous guitarist.

Basically, we can sum up this post with something like “Hi, it was a lovely evening. Congratulations to Pelchat and Pelletier on their performance. Bravo Lenoir for his speech (but not for his performance). There are no vocalists anymore because ADISQ celebrates singers more by “Weird costumes and misleading makeup.” Well, bye, I respect you too. Peace!

In short, there is no doubt that this letter can serve as an example in defining the expression “tube sandwich” Online.

See also the bag of chips: