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R1: Heading to Australia for Ploërmel's captain Kévin Vautour!

R1: Heading to Australia for Ploërmel's captain Kévin Vautour!

R1. Bloormel FC

After completing his masters degree at Vannes School of Sports Management, the 25-year-old right-back from Bloormel FC has chosen to change the world entirely. He will land in Melbourne before embarking on a road trip through kangaroo country. “It was on my mind for a while. I wanted to change the scenery and try something different. I wanted an English-speaking country as in the future I want to be a sales representative for a sports brand and improve my language skills. Australia is an easily accessible country in terms of visas. There are not many restrictions, which made me like it. There are some friends,” explains the man, who worked on a work-study basis at a sports shop in Bloormal.

Passing Vannes, TA Rennes and FC Lorient in the U15, he met Enzo Le Fée or Illan Meslier in particular, Ploërmelais did not hide his regret at leaving his partners, currently in 3rd place in R1. “Leaving the season is a little troublesome for me, because I belong to this group that is very close. We all know each other from a young age. I am only 25 years old but I should be the oldest. But I have no choice. There is more to life than football! », adds Vautour. Nevertheless, Morbihannais confirms that he will return to his favorite club on his return. It remains to be seen when, as the defender only took a one-way ticket to the Antipodes. “I will be gone for at least six months. But I am entitled to a year with my visa, so it depends on how well I feel there. It will be,” says the man who won't be playing football in the coming months. Besides… “I've been playing football since I was young. I'm going with the idea of ​​taking a break from football. But you never know. Maybe I'll play there! »

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