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Quick blessing for Corey Perry and Gary Bateman

Quick blessing for Corey Perry and Gary Bateman

In the end, it wasn't that serious, it seemed.

On November 28, the Chicago Blackhawks chased veteran forward Corey Perry out of their organization. They banned him, Mano Military, after a third-party investigation revealed he had adopted him Unacceptable behavior that violates the provisions of his contract as well as the team’s internal policies aimed at creating a professional and safe work environment.

Perry clearly behaved badly towards someone he met at his workplace. Due to the ugly rumors circulating on social media, the Blackhawks insisted on the fact that the actions of which Perry was accused were not committed against a teammate or a member of his teammate's family.

The results of the investigation were so clear that the Blackhawks didn't just suspend Perry or grant him waivers. They simply terminated his contract. Whether in the NHL or in the workplace in general, this punishment can only be imposed (legally) after a serious crime has been committed.

Furthermore, given that the player targeted by this extraordinary penalty had 1,273 games of NHL experience and appeared to be headed straight to the Hall of Fame, it was a given that the Blackhawks did not make such a decision lightly and that the NHL was informed in advance.

To remember how serious this incident was, just watch the photos of the press conference Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson gave to announce his decision. His tone is serious, as he stands in front of a black curtain, and Davidson is overcome with emotion on several occasions.