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Quebec Dollar: ‘I think there’s a lot of trouble’

Quebec Dollar: ‘I think there’s a lot of trouble’

The argument for a potential Quebec currency does not go down well with former Liberal MP Gaetan Barret, who instead believes there are many problems that are being underestimated on the economic level of Quebec independence.

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“I think there is a lot of trouble. About seven years ago, Pauline Marois said that if we achieved independence at the economic level there would be troubles, and today we have a first-year budget that shows us nothing but green valleys,” he explains.

However, Mathieu Bouc-Côté, on the contrary, believes that the Quebec currency can become a factor without becoming one of the main arguments.

“If we believe that Canada today is a dysfunctional economic entity because the economic interests of the West are not like Ontario, which is not like Quebec, then by this logic the idea of ​​the Quebec dollar is completely rational,” the political writer adds, “but I do not think that the essence of the debate will focus on that.”

He also recalled the words of the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy.

“Pierre Fitzgibbon himself said [la semaine dernière] He prefers the US dollar. What that means is that the Canadian currency is clearly not generating enthusiasm even at the CAQ.

To which Gaetan Barret was quick to respond, he said that it was a “slight extrapolation” of his statements that he quickly mentioned while leaving the National Assembly.

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Watch the exchange in the video above.