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Smartphone Assistant |  The Zoe robot has been removed from Angus' clinic

Smartphone Assistant | The Zoe robot has been removed from Angus' clinic

It's the end of Bonjour-santé's Zoé smartphone assistant at the Angus Medical Clinic. Journalism Patients were unable to make themselves understood by this robot that is supposed to take calls and answer their questions without clinic staff having to intervene, it reported on Friday.

“In light of recent discussions and the increasing level of dissatisfaction, we have made the decision to completely discontinue the use of Zoé in the Angus clinic,” Nadia Muniki of Tootelo, who oversees Bonjour-santé, announced in an email sent to employees Friday.

The Angus clinic was one of nine medical practices in the county using the Zoe smartphone assistant for patients. This service, provided by software development company Bonjour-santé, has been gradually rolled out since December 2022 in the Montreal and Quebec regions.

Zoé's goal is to take patients' calls and answer their questions without the need for clinic staff to intervene. According to Bonjour-santé, Zoé saves time by 84% for clinics. More than 60% of calls will be handled without employee intervention.

However, several patients reported bad experiences with Zoe, describing the robot as “inconvenient” or “disastrous,” and saying it made them “lose their patience,” Reuters reported. Journalism Friday.

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Regain patient confidence

The performance and use of Zoé has been the subject of “many discussions within the Angus clinic in recent months,” explains M.I Monique in her email.

M adds: “The deployment of this solution was based on very good intentions, but sometimes you have to show humility and when you innovate, you have to be willing to make mistakes.”I Moniki.

She says a plan will be put in place to minimize the impact of this change on patients, doctors and staff. “We are talking about an additional volume of about 19,000 calls per month, which cannot be met without a concrete action plan to meet telephone needs.” New solutions will be rolled out next week to clinic staff.