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Practical life |  The increasing role of emotional intelligence

Practical life | The increasing role of emotional intelligence

IQ is Outside. When hiring, more and more bosses are assessing emotional quotient, which includes emotional intelligence. This is beneficial not only for colleagues, employees and the entire team, but also for the environment and company profitability.

It is difficult to define exactly what emotional intelligence is. It is a combination of empathy, self-knowledge, and self-management of one’s emotions.

“Emotional intelligence is based on the idea of ​​understanding one’s own emotions and the emotions of others,” says Claude Frasson, a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Montreal who has been interested in emotional intelligence for twenty years. .

For Manon Poirier, director general of Quebec’s Certified Human Resources Consultants (CRHA), it’s a way to connect with and understand others. She emphasizes that “emotional intelligence allows us to understand the point of view of others, recognize it and take it into account.” This is very important, because people who work in isolation, without interaction, are very rare. »

Imaginé and conceptualization by the American psychologist and scientific journalist Daniel Goleman in 1995, the intelligence of emotions related to previous stories, by M. Frasson: the conscience and the conscience of this, the autoregulation of these emotions, the motivation, the social ability and the ‘Empathy. The latter is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.

“Empathy is natural to humans, except for the person we don’t like,” says Estelle Morin, professor of management at HEC Montreal. A person with high emotional intelligence will be able to manage relationships, including conflicting ones. She will be able to express herself, assert herself, and say no while maintaining respect. This is called firmness. »

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Mobilization and motivation

The impact of a leader with a high EQ is enormous: the climate is healthy, employees feel free to speak authentically, energy is mobilized, motivation is rising, and productivity is there.

“People are united and social relationships are rich, because people feel heard and valued,” says Alexandra Laroche, an organizational psychologist, lecturer at Laval University and speaker.

Emotional intelligence is a person’s wealth.

Alexandra Laroche, organizational psychologist, lecturer at Laval University and speaker

It highlights the role of emotions in the ability to manage and lead. “Poorly managed emotions can make even the most intelligent people stupid!” “, as you say.

Increasingly, management committees, boards of directors and investors are interested in the level of emotional intelligence within a company. “Yes, of course, there is technical knowledge and skills,” Claude Frasson sums up, “but most important are interpersonal skills. This is the driving force.”

How do we do?

To improve your emotional intelligence, you must be able to “reduce your blind spot,” believes MI Poirier, CRHA Medal. She points out that it takes humility and the ability to be open to feedback while remaining accessible to everyone. The psychological environment must be safe enough for people to feel comfortable giving true answers. »

In the selection process, some psychological tests, recognized and validated, can give an idea of ​​emotional intelligence. It is a tool…that must be reaffirmed in the interview, explains Manon Poirier.

For her part, Estelle Morin suggests some practical exercises, such as journaling.

She also recommends using an app created by researchers at Yale University that allows you to take the pulse of your emotional health several times during the day. How we feel It’s free, doesn’t collect personal data, and doesn’t contain ads — but it’s only available in English at the moment.

“50% of the journey is complete when you are able to understand and manage your emotions,” says the professor. You must then develop your ability to recognize the ability of others, learn to control your impulse and increase your optimism. »

A big challenge for 2024… “It is definitely a protective factor for mental health,” concludes MI Maureen.