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Projects worth more than $5 million are on the Parc de la Gorge workbench

Projects worth more than $5 million are on the Parc de la Gorge workbench

tourism. The Coaticook Gorge Park team is quietly preparing for the post-Foresta Lumina era. Projects totaling more than five million dollars are also underway.

Firstly, the round barn on the site has been the subject of works estimated at $400,000 since February. “On the second floor, we found a large reception room, which no longer necessarily matched our needs. “Instead, we will create collaborative spaces, which can be rented by organizations or companies that promote remote work,” explains Caroline Sage, general manager of Coatecoke Gorge Park.

The new building should also see the light in this area. “Since we are redesigning the entire round barn, we will have to review our work spaces. The team is growing more and more. There are two or three of us in each office. This shortage has made us aware of the background of our employees and the importance of them having their own space for dining or even Working together, which are things we didn't necessarily have.”I wise.

This $2 million project also includes construction of a new outdoor theater to host large-scale events.

During its annual general meeting on March 13, the Director-General also announced a “new project” worth approximately $2.8 million. Its nature has not been revealed because the financing has not yet been finalized.

11H Night course season

Unlike past years, Valley leaders decided not to invest heavily in Foresta Lumina, their main attraction, this summer. “We're rather in a questioning phase. We had some ideas, we made requests, but in the end, we said to ourselves, 'Is this going to get us more visitors, more money? Was this investment worth it?' We doubted ourselves and that's why The reason we took a break from our investments. »

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“We want instead to think about the consequences of Foresta Lumina,” admits the general manager. Can we use our equipment and technology to create a new product? Attraction can also remain, but in a different form. »

A meeting is also scheduled to be held in the coming weeks to discuss the issue.

Ease of access is at the heart of priorities

Access to Coaticook Gorge Park as well as Nature Discovery Park is at the heart of the priorities of the managers of both sites. Recently, Gorge Park unveiled its collection of free rental equipment for people with limited mobility.

As for the Nature Discovery Park, the work will be completed with a subsidy, making the place accessible to everyone. An influencer also showed up to test the installations, bringing many new visitors with limited mobility to Baldwin.

“It will be a big challenge for next year, especially in the valley area, in terms of buildings and trails. I think we will get there slowly. My dream would be to hold an event for all people with limited mobility. I would also like them to be able to live the Foresta Lumina experience,” hopes Caroline Sage.