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Italy: Two young men pretend to be uncomfortable to travel “for free” by ambulance

Italy: Two young men pretend to be uncomfortable to travel “for free” by ambulance

Two young Italians without means of transport simulated discomfort Sunday in an ambulance to their destination, filming and broadcasting their impersonations on social networks, the men of communion announced on Friday.

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In one day, their video went viral on TikTok and surpassed 50,000 views. The caption accompanying the photos, “When you’re in the countryside and there’s no public transportation,” leaves no doubt as to the nature of their hoax.

Especially from the first seconds, one of the heroes let out a bravado: “We got lost in the middle of the countryside, now we’re solving the problem.” Accordingly, they contact the emergency services, and assure her that one of them passed out due to heatstroke, and he laughs at the situation.

All of the trickster’s adventures are filmed, from asking for help to their ambulance journey to the coastal town of Riccione in Emilia-Romagna (northeast).

Their journey ends in the emergency room, and they, of course, leave after a few minutes, according to ANSA.

The two young men, aged between 19 and 20, were identified thanks to their video by the gendarmes of Riccione. After the complaint filed by the Health Agency of Emilia-Romagna, they were sued for “interruption of public service” and “false alarm”.

One of the film’s protagonists admitted his mistake to the local daily newspaper Il resto del carlino: “I’m an idiot, I shouldn’t have done that.”

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