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Prelude arrives in the UK, US and Canada this summer

Prelude arrives in the UK, US and Canada this summer

Fruits Basket: The Prelude Movie is coming overseas, specifically to select theaters in the UK, Canada and the US. The special event film will be distributed by Crunchyroll and screened in select theaters in the US and Canada on June 25, 28 and 29 in both subtitled and dubbed formats. The film will also be released in the UK on 20th July only in the dubbed version.

Basket of Fruits: Introduction It premiered in Japan in February. In its opening weekend, it grossed over ¥33 million. In addition to the release dates, Crunchyroll also released a trailer for the subtitled and dubbed versions of Fruits Basket: Prelude:

Cast for the original Japanese and English dubs:

  • Kyoko Honda – Miyuki Sawashiro/Lydia Mackay
  • Katsuya Honda-Yoshimasa Hosoya/J. Michael Tatum
  • Toru Honda – Manaka Iwami/Laura Bailey
  • Kyo Soma – Yuma Uchida/Jerry Jewell

Crunchyroll describes the film’s plot as follows:
Before there was Tohru and Kyo – there was Katsuya and Kyoko. Discover the turbulent beginnings of Toru’s mother’s dark past and the man who gave her new hope. Watch the evolution of their love affair and the birth of the Honda family, this episode completes the complete adaptation of the heartwarming story of Fruits Basket.

fruit basket Natsuki Takaya’s manga series was serialized in Hana to Yume magazine from 1998 to 2006. The fruit basket is different Continued from 2015 to 2020. Includes a side story The Arch of the Three Musketeers Released in 2019 with a sequel in 2020.

The series also has 2 anime adaptations. Originally came out in 2001, but didn’t cover the whole story (Studio Dean). TMS Entertainment and 8 Pan jointly produced the reboot, which began airing in 2019 and has a total of 3 seasons, with over 60 episodes.

Source: Crunchyroll
©︎ Natsuki Takaya, Hakusensha / Fruit Basket Project

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