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Access to Abortion in the United States

Access to Abortion in the United States

Abortion rights are no longer guaranteed in America.

Last week, five of the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Voted to cancel the hunt.

We already explained Roe v. Wade’s story in this update minute (new window)But what does the future hold for access to abortion?

Amy Lalun is here to explain the consequences of this decision to you.

Ugh… with so many confusing words, we know it’s a difficult thing to understand. That’s why we’ve prepared a glossary for you!


  • Abortion : End of pregnancy. There are two types:
  1. Spontaneous abortion : Caused by a disease or unknown cause, also known as miscarriage.
  2. Induced abortioné: Caused by human intervention, for therapeutic reasons (called medical abortion or IMG) Where For non-therapeutic reasons (voluntary termination of pregnancy or Abortion)
  • Abortion : Voluntary termination of pregnancy, above all this type of abortion provokes a debate.
  • Abortion support : Defender of a person’s right to an abortion.
  • Pro-choice : A supporter of the idea that a person should have control over their pregnancy and fertility.
  • Anti-abortion : A person who opposes abortion for religious and/or ethical reasons.
  • Pro-life: A person who opposes abortion to protect one’s life fetus (Design Product) and/or A fetus (Reproductive product from the third month of pregnancy).
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