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Prades: Jeanbreau-Bardou-Job space for young and old from spring

Prades: Jeanbreau-Bardou-Job space for young and old from spring

Development of the 4-hectare plot, donated to the city by Hélène Jeanbrau in 2006, is scheduled to be completed by April.

May 2019 is already far away, at that time Mayor Jean Castex invited residents to the Losa Room to explain to them the development project of the Janbro grant. About a hundred Bradens responded to the call. Work began during the second half of 2020, after the Covid crisis delayed many projects, with the first phase devoted to the sports field. Just under four years later, the acreage has now taken shape where Serby is currently cultivating the last of the farms. 3,500 planted vines (trees, shrubs, etc.), 1.5 hectares of wild meadows, a large collection of aromatic plants (thyme, rosemary, sage, etc.) and 8,000 sq.m.2 Striped lawns, lovers of green spaces should find what they are looking for in the near future. A time for everything to grow with the hope of help from heaven.

Fruit trees, educational path, photovoltaic lighting

In addition to the grass sports field, open every Sunday to residents, athletes benefit from a 1.2 km fitness track, with just over ten facilities. There is a picnic area, as well as three water points, benches and two petanque courts to follow. A space wanted by the project manager, Prima Groupe “Keep the original spirit by planting many fruit trees. There were a lot of almond trees in the original land, so we replanted some of them, but there are also a wide variety of other fruit trees such as pomegranate trees, olive trees, apple trees, cherry trees (. ..) There will also be an education track, and the idea is to bring middle or high school students back into contact with nature.

In September 2020, an “anti-coronavirus” mask will be required to start work.

To complete everything, stand-alone photoelectric lighting was installed: “The space will be lit in the early evening before turning off for the night. However, there are still people detectors, and if someone has to cross, the lights will turn on automatically.” We explain from the city hall. About thirty parking spaces have also been created, and most of the furniture is made of wood. “Sustainable development was important in this project.” The design of these four hectares linked to the water body provides a harmonious unit in which all ages should be pleased to relax. Now we just have to wait for nature to take over and hope there won't be too much rudeness. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Mayor Yves Delcour warns, Gentlemen will only be allowed to dismantle it in the area of ​​the almond trees. “In any case, we will be vigilant and a video surveillance system must be put in place.”

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