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Melanie Boulay reveals that her baby was taken to the hospital

Melanie Boulay reveals that her baby was taken to the hospital

Singer and songwriter Melanie Boulay So is her beloved comedian clouds wagner, they were very afraid. they Boy Clarence He was hospitalized for five days with acute bronchiolitis.

Melanie Boulay Yesterday, I shared this painful episode in it a story Instagram.

« This story may sound cliched to you. We just spent 5 days in the intensive care unit in St. Justin with our doll, who has severe bronchiolitis. I’ve never been scared in my life, I haven’t cried so much, I’ve been frustrated and exhausted on the floor. To the nurses assembled at our bedside, who not only saved my son’s life but also took me when I was at my lowest, thank you. They would hug my son, feed him, take care of him, and cuddle him as if he were my own. I keep telling myself how lucky we are to have a hospital so close to us with people so qualified to take care of those we enjoy,” Remember, adding that her baby is better.

Credit: Instagram Story Mélanie Boulay

Credit: Melanie Boulay’s Instagram story

Melanie and Guillaume are also parents of a boy Born January 2018. We wish Clarence a full recovery.

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