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Political contributions rain down on strong and proud Quebec |  Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

Political contributions rain down on strong and proud Quebec | Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

While unveiling its financial framework, the party of Quebec mayoral candidate Bruno Marchand announced that it raised at least $132,778 from 884 donors in 2021. The party announced its list of contributors after the Quebec government 21. Richard Cotey said it was impossible To raise a lot of money in a few months.

We told you that everything was completely transparent, and everything was fair regarding DGEQThis is exactly the caseBruno Marchand was fired.

Quebec, strong and proud, largely supplants its opponents in this region. By comparison, according to Elections Quebec, outgoing mayor Regis Labomme’s party raised contributions totaling $85,300 in 2017, the year the last municipal election campaign took place.

Candidate for Mayor of Quebec, Marie-José Savard

Photo: Radio Canada/Louise Boisevert

In second place is Equipe Marie José Savard, who received 586 contributions totaling $87,428. Régis Labeaume gave $200 to a runner-up campaign, the maximum allowed by law during an election year. Among the donors, there are also members of the Tanguay family, owners of the estate group of the same name, the new owner of Maison Chevalier.

The people who give us money know very well that not because they give us $200 after no problem, all their orders will pass., notes Marie-José Savard, who specified that her party’s goal was to raise $80,000.

In third place, we find Transition Quebec. Candidate Jackie Smith’s party received 425 donations totaling $47,367.

For Quebec 21, Jean-François Jocelyn’s party received $43,450 from 320 contributors this year. That’s more than it was last election year, when the political party raised $32,428.

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Quebec’s democracy is finally over, with Jean Rousseau’s party receiving $30,425 from 247 donors.

Our coverage of the Quebec municipal elections in 2021.

Highest Paid Trader

Mayor candidates also disclosed their income. Bruno Marchand, who left his position as President and CEO of Centraide to enter politics, is the candidate with the highest gross income of 2020.

Chef’s income

  • Bruno Marchand: $156,000
  • Marie-José Savard: $153,127
  • Jean-François Jocelyn: $113,664
  • Jean Rousseau: $73,798
  • Jackie Smith: $54212

In collaboration with Louise Boisvert and Olivier Lemieux