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“Peter Pan and Wendy”: Jude Law makes an excellent Captain Hook

Only a few changes are interesting – including Jude Law’s interpretation – in this myriad derivative of the Peter Pan story.

Much more a Walt Disney cartoon than a James M Barry novel/play, screenwriters David Lowery (who is also the director of the feature film) and Toby Halbrooks claim that they don’t always find the balance between classic and modern.

David Lowery is the director who has given us amazing and diverse works such asghost storyAnd Peter and Elliot the Dragon or Green Knight. With this original film to say the least, the guy decided to look at the British classic, which became a cartoon from Walt Disney Studios in 1953.

Under his pen and in front of the camera, the Darling House is no longer a comfortable cocoon. The fictional country takes on a disturbing appearance, with its lush vegetation (which resembles its color palette Peter and Elliot the Dragon And Green Knight), and Captain Hook (the perfect Jude Law) isn’t silly, but scary.

Some welcome updates, these among others from Lost Boys becoming Lost Children (even if the thinking that girls are so smart they end up in a fantasy land is let go), Tinkerbell (Yara Shahidi) becomes cute and one of the kids Missing with Down Syndrome, for the first time for Disney.

Other adaptations are more forced, even awkward, such as Peter Pan’s (Alexander Moloney) apology to Hook or Wendy’s (Ever Anderson) losing their metaphorical depth, making them Peter Pan Wendy A movie just for kids and adults will have a hard time finding their account.

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Rating: 3 out of 5