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Paul Beachy celebrates his 70th birthday: 5 unforgettable songs

Paul Beachy celebrates his 70th birthday: 5 unforgettable songs

All it takes is a few notes of a Paul Piché song to immerse many in their memories. To celebrate the artist’s 70th birthday (his birthday is September 5), here are five memorable songs from his career.

Quickly welcomed into the hearts of Quebecers with his candor, authenticity and ease at making audiences sing along, Paul Peche was undoubtedly the end of the 1970s and the following decades.

More than 45 years into his career, and more than a dozen albums later, the singer-songwriter has lost none of his commitment or sensitivity. Far from dimming his talent, the passage of time allowed him to take different paths.

It’s difficult to pick just a few songs from the impressive repertoire of this monument to Quebec music, which was also inducted into the Pantheon of Canadian Writers and Composers in May. However, some stand out from the crowd and rise to the status of classics of Quebec music.

Here are five memorable Paul Pesci songs:

Happy for spring

It has become a true Quebecois anthem, a very unifying song Happy for spring It is undoubtedly one of the main songs of Paul Pesci’s first album, which was released in 1977. Who has good weather?? The very popular work has sold more than 100,000 copies. It’s almost impossible not to create a chorus by chanting the phrase “Happy spring warms my shell” in public!

There’s not much in the sky at night

Also taken from his debut album, There’s not much in the sky at night It’s been a St. Jean-Baptiste Day staple for decades! A call to celebration, but above all a great opportunity to laugh at oneself and society’s failings, the song has had generations of Quebecers tapping their feet.

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the stairs

It was released on an album of the same name in 1980. the stairs It is a good example of Paul Pesci’s commitment. The song was born out of a void felt by the artist, and took on an air of collective hope and the possibility of changing the world together. A message that has not lost its refreshing side over the years.

I’m calling

more sadness, I’m calling It sounds like an awareness of the environmental crisis. We find this success in writing On the fire road Released in 1988, it unfortunately resonates even more strongly today.

Do not do this

Far from limiting himself to folk and traditional music, the singer-songwriter has always been comfortable exploring music. This is especially evident in the song of fallen love Do not do thiswhich can be found in the album travel Launched in 1999, it flirts with Latin rhythms. A reminder, if any were needed, that Paul Pesci was never afraid to reinvent himself.

It is also impossible not to mention the songs in passing My atmosphere, His eyes, Sand palace, because i love you

Good listening!