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I love Genevieve |  Montreal Magazine

I love Genevieve | Montreal Magazine

After the wave of reactions it provoked He published pictures of the Minister of Transport without a seat beltIt’s your turn He likes to make headlines.

For several months, a rather strange rumor linked the beautiful minister to the ever-present broadcaster Jean-Philippe Wautier. Even the Prime Minister allowed himself a reference to the sulphurous fantasy song on Radio-Canada’s airwaves.

Matthieu, Genevieve and Jean-Philippe

The minister’s love drama is usually reserved for the French media, which is fond of “stardom” (Urbanism In France) political figures.

The use of social networks by our politicians is no stranger to this phenomenon, nor is the rejuvenation of the National Assembly.

When our elected officials spend more time talking about their loved ones than their portfolios, it’s time to put our foot on the brake.

Last week, the Wathier-Guilbeault-Lacombe group tried by all means to correct the facts. No, Jean-Philippe is not in a relationship with Genevieve (as stated by Mr. Paul Arcand) and yes, the lady is in a relationship with Mathieu Lacombe and the lovebirds love football (see the photo shared on the ill-fated Instagram account of the lady).

Entertainment funded by your taxes

If there’s one reason to comment on this gossip, it’s because all of our heroes get paid from your taxes, and mine too, mind you.

Doesn’t it shock anyone that we spend so much time discussing matters of the heart when we should be talking about culture, transport, road investments or heritage?

The discomfort must be greater for Geneviève Guilbault, an ambitious politician, who must be furious at seeing herself reduced to love stories while holding prestigious and demanding positions without doing much wrong.

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Many politicians have doubled their victories on the hill without anyone saying a word about it. Can we get down to business once and for all?