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Paradise Killer llegará a Xbox este mes, y con versión mejorada para Xbox Series

Paradise Killer is coming to Xbox this month, with an upgraded release for the Xbox Series

Since its release in 2020, the talk about Paradise Killer has not stopped on other platforms. As a reminder, it was initially only released on the Nintendo Switch and PC. However, we now have a release date for the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

In case you haven’t followed the game, this is an open world where we have to solve murders on a strange island that appears and disappears from time to time, renewing itself and filling the vast map with unsolved puzzles.

Paradise Killer: New content, improved versions, and more

Kaizen Game Works has announced that the game will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox X, and S Series, with an improved version for current-generation consoles and new additional content such as new music, new mysterious objects, quests, rewards, collectibles and achievements. . PC versions will get additional performance improvements.

The release date was also accompanied by the announcement of the release of an album featuring the game’s most beloved tracks.

Paradise Island is renewed every few thousand years. The psychic power unleashed on the universe’s alien devotees is intended to nurture and ultimately revive their fallen deities. But this power also attracts unwanted attention from demons, who eventually corrupt each island, until the council realizes a new alternate reality.

The system is not perfect, but it will one day become, the perfect island 25, the next island to be built. But on the eve of the Renaissance, the council was assassinated.