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Our expectations and opportunities for “Anatomy of a Fall”

Our expectations and opportunities for “Anatomy of a Fall”

Place your bets, no more bets. The 81st Golden Globe Awards, awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press, will be held tonight at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Even if they have lost their prestige after the many controversies witnessed in recent years, in light of the absence of diversity and the ambiguity surrounding its operation, with suspicions of negative corruption, the Golden Globe Awards remain an important step in the Oscars campaign. Awards presented by the foreign press in Hollywood often give ideas of what is good to reward the many reluctant members or, above all, to those who have not seen all the films… The 81st ceremony will be broadcast on Night Owls Canal + from 2 a.m. but here Without further ado, our predictions on the major categories.

Best Drama Film

“Oppenheimer” by Christopher Nolan
“The Moonflower Killers” by Martin Scorsese
“The Maestro” by Bradley Cooper
“Past Lives” by Celine Song
“Area of ​​Interest” by Jonathan Glazer
“Anatomy of a Fall” by Justin Treat

The rest will follow after this announcement

Our predictions: “The Moonflower Killers” by Martin Scorsese

The rest will follow after this announcement

Category not yet decided. If we thought, at first, that the duel would end in a struggle between the “Moonflower Killers” and “Oppenheimer,” a stranger appeared in the final round: the very beautiful “Past Lives” by Celine Song. However, we believe the drama of the Osage Indians will convince voters of the power of its symbol.

Best comedy or musical film

“Barbie” by Greta Gerwig
“Poor Creatures” by Yorgos Lanthimos
“The American Novel” by Cord Jefferson
“Winter Vacation” by Alexander Payne
“May December” by Todd Haynes
“Air” by Ben Affleck

The rest will follow after this announcement

Our expectations: “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig

Much less suspense here. “Barbie” was a box office hit, and would crush the competition even if “Winter Break” were a true critical success.

Best Actor in a Drama Movie

Bradley Cooper, conductor
Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer
Leonardo DiCaprio, Moonflower Killers
Coleman Domingo, Rustin
Andrew Scott, without ever knowing us
Barry Keoghan, Saltburn

Our predictions: Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer

Two big stars against an actor in the role of his life… Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio against Cillian Murphy. The latter is preferred by niche sites. True, he is great in Oppenheimer and in almost every shot in the film.

Best Actress in a Drama Movie

Lily Gladstone, The Moonflower Killers
Carey Mulligan, conductor
Sandra Holler, Anatomy of a Fall
Annette Bening, Unsinkable
Greta Lee, Past Lives
Kaylee Spaeny, Priscilla

Our Predictions: Lily Gladstone, The Moonflower Killers

It represents all the forgotten Native Americans from past award ceremonies. Lily Gladstone seems unopposed even if Carey Mulligan stars in “The Maestro.”

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical

Nicolas Cage, dream scenario
Timothée Chalamet, Wonka
Matt Damon, Air
Paul Giamatti, Winter Break
Joaquin Phoenix, Poe is afraid
Jeffrey Wright, American novelist

Our predictions: Jeffrey Wright, American novelist

Category not yet decided. Paul Giamatti and Timothée Chalamet would be good winners, but Jeffrey Wright's popularity continues to rise due to his performance in “American Fantasy,” which was not released in France but won the Audience Award at the Toronto festival.

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical

Emma Stone, Poor Creatures
Margot Robbie, Barbie
Natalie Portman May December
Fantasia Barrino, purple
Alma Puesti, Dead Leaves
Jennifer Lawrence, Challenge

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Our predictions: Margot Robbie, Barbie

“I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world,” Aqua sang. Will Margot Robbie sing “Our Swedish Friends”? Anyway, she can prepare for her acceptance speech.

Best Foreign Language Film

“Anatomy of a Fall” by Justin Treat
“Circle of Snow” by Juan Antonio Bayona
“Dead Leaves” by Aki Kaurismäki
“I'm the Captain” by Matteo Garrone
“Past Lives” by Celine Song
“Area of ​​Interest” by Jonathan Glazer

Our Predictions: “Anatomy of a Fall” by Justin Treat But…

This is the category of all hopes. If “Anatomy of a Fall” gets four nominations — film, screenplay, actress (Sandra Holler) and best foreign language film — then the Palme d'Or at the recent Cannes Film Festival has, in principle, only one real chance of winning the award. . But the competition promises to be tough, with two outsiders: Jonathan Glazer's “Area of ​​Interest,” which won the Grand Prix at Cannes but whose experimental format can be confusing, and Juan Antonio Bayona's “Circle of Snow,” a feature film. A disaster pushed by Netflix and more “mainstream”. But above all it is the presence of “past lives” in this category that makes us doubt the triumph of “anatomy of the fall.” Celine Song's immigrant romantic comedy is the “sleeper” of this awards season — the “small” movie that ends up turning the tables, like “Moonlight” or “Coda” — but its presence among foreign films could sway voters toward this category. . One of the best dramatic films.

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