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Maud Landry: Laughing with Creighton, Thérèse, and Jocelyn Letendre

Maud Landry: Laughing with Creighton, Thérèse, and Jocelyn Letendre

Comedy was the big stars of young Maude Landry's TV lineup. Literally drawn to the small screen, the aspiring comedian was ready to laugh with different characters, in different universes and in multiple situations. By discovering her television memories, we can easily understand why she now appears on stage to entertain and amuse the audience.

Maude, what programs influenced you during your youth?

Hell Radio, Small life, The studio, Do not adjust your dryer, The Simpson family, In a galaxy near you, SpongeBob, art-attack, Between Bon, Rapids, Tele Pirate, Earth and cup, RBO, Blues powder, The end of the world at seven in the morning And 3600 seconds of ecstasy. In English, there it was Sesame Street, Barney And Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Between Bon

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What is your fondest television memory?

Do not adjust your dryerWith Bruno Blanchett. I listened to it with my parents and brothers after dinner. He made the whole family laugh. It was very stupid and innovative. “Cheap,” but you had to think about it. We haven't seen this much spin-off on TV so we felt like we liked it.

Maude Landry

Bruno Blanchett in Don't Adjust Your Dryer

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Did you watch a lot of TV when you were young?

Yes a lot. I watched her sitting on the floor, less than a meter away from the screen. I also love the commercials. The world of television fascinated me, it was like a world out of reach. Today, I can't believe that I'm sometimes “inside” the TV. It's less “jet” than I thought!

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Is there a character who influenced you?

Many, including Jocelyn Letendre [jouée par Micheline Bernard, NDLR] in Hell RadioAnd Therese [Diane Lavallée, NDLR] And Creighton [Josée Deschênes, NDLR] in Small life. These female characters were not there to confirm Jokes Of the male characters, they had the funniest lines! He gave me permission to dream of acting. Jocelyn is so adorable, that's what we call a Lovely loserMeaning that she is without malice, she does not realize that people find her strange, she is in her own world and that is refreshing. His character could say anything and it would be funny.

Maude Landry

Small life

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Is there still a song from the show stuck in your head?

Oh my God, all of them! That Degrassi, Brave, Magic bus, Wattatataw…Sometimes it prevents me from sleeping. Oh! I almost forgot Vanverloche ! You scared me.

Is there a character you wish you could play for children?

No, not particularly. Even when I was very young, I didn't like being talked to like a baby. for example, versatile I found it boring and a bit scary.

What TV universe would you like to introduce to children?

The studio [l’émission a d’abord été diffusée de 1995 à 1998 sur le défunt Canal Famille, NDLR] With Guy Goodwin and Bruno Blanchett.

Maude Landry on the main leg of her tour for her first solo show, Detour. For dates in January: In addition to his podcast Good night anyway Available on Audio.