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Kylie Jenner criticized for using her private jet for a 12-minute flight

Kylie Jenner criticized for using her private jet for a 12-minute flight

American influencer and businesswoman Kylie Jenner sparked outrage on social networks for using her private jet for ten-minute flights last week, describing, among other things, a “full-time criminal climate.”

The 24-year-old billionaire was blamed for flying through the air for about 12 minutes, rather than choosing which car to take, including traffic, just under an hour for the 63-kilometer distance.

Jenner flew her luxury private jet, affectionately nicknamed “Kylie Air,” a Bombardier Global 7500, from Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport to Camarillo Airport in Ventura County, California on July 15, according to the Celebrety Jets Twitter account, which tracks celebrities around the world.

Roughly speaking, it’s the equivalent of driving from Montreal Trudeau Airport to Saint-Matteo de Beluel Airport, about 60 km away.

According to various carbon emissions calculations, a Van Nuys-Camarillo flight in a Bombardier Global 7500 would emit an average of 0.3 tons of carbon dioxide, compared to 0.02 tons by car.

So this short trip through the air in California will pollute nearly 15 times more than a trip in a car.

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That’s not all! Celebrety Jets also tracked Kylie Jenner’s first flight, which happened on the same day. This time, from Palm Springs to Van Nuys, it’s a 35-minute (0.93 tons of CO2) trip.

On July 13, the young mother needed a 17-minute flight, and then a second 29-minute flight.

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full time”

Kylie Jenner has also reacted aggressively in the past few days, after posting on Instagram a photo of her and rapper lover Travis Scott embracing between two private jets on the tarmac, as a “Want to pick me up or yours?” sign.

Let’s say fate finally overflowed and it didn’t take many social networks to attack one of the Kardashian-Jenner family heirs.

“Yes, but I’m the wrong person when I order a straw at Starbucks,” one user wrote sarcastically on Twitter.

“Girl, you could have taken a damn Uber,” another tweeted.