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Original Worship and Self-Authority: An Outline of Slip

Original Worship and Self-Authority: An Outline of Slip

The case of books burned is a particularly vivid example of the Aboriginal cult that has prevailed in Canada for several years. In the name of reconciliation, we flog ourselves and deny the past. and the get up applauded. Because books for them often carry hateful Western values. So their verdict is final: these books deserve nothing but censorship and oversight.

On this basis, the creeds get up Take advantage of it to promote a fictitious parallel world in which they contemptuously describe the accused white man as a bigot, and an enemy of minorities of all kinds. In fact, l get upThis man suffers, so he must be cured of his vices. This is the primary mission of the doctrine of salvation, autchtonization.

In the name of this clown, we accuse the white man of not observing the original “science”, a science that is said, which is at least equal to the Western one. But the Western man, even if he is afraid to say so often, refuses to admit it. So it is a complete work of restructuring his mental world which is deficient and must be reconstructed.

unwanted land

The worst part is that some universities enthusiastically encourage localization. Thus, at a Canadian university, whose identity I will not disclose, professors must include the following text in their curricula: “We salute the Algonquin people, the traditional guardians of this land. We recognize the long-standing sacred bond you have with this land not subject to coercion.” We also pay tribute to all Aboriginal people who call Ottawa home, whether from the region or elsewhere in Canada. We recognize the guardians of traditional knowledge, young and old. We also honor their brave leaders yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

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but that is not all. The teacher must also include in his curriculum a copy of this text in his mother tongue. Thus they are forced to adopt the completely false notion that the West occupies a land that is not subject to coercion. Other universities and colleges have started a similar rhetoric.

A game that is not without risks

No matter how attractive I look, I don’t see the benefit of universities in promoting such ideas. We have the impression that they want to follow in the footsteps of Evergreen. But it is a game that is not without risks. Perhaps we should remember that since the events of 2017, Evergreen has earned a bad reputation for itself, so signups have dropped dramatically.

With each new crazy idea that emerges, we dive deeper and deeper into the void. But when you take a closer look, it’s not just the books you burn, but – and perhaps worst of all – the brains of young minds attending post-secondary institutions.

Robert Lero

Professor of Sociology

University of Ottawa